George is a singer songwriter who has been playing and performing for over twenty years. He had always been frustrated in trying to get his songs produced. About two years ago he discovered the virtual world of music production, and he has never looked back. What you are hearing are collaborations of super talented studio musicians and passionate singers bringing his songs to life. In just under two years, he already has four songs under license with Alcon Sleeping Giant (“ASG”), the music licensing arm of Alcon Entertainment, and another with Figure & Groove, a publishing house out of NY. His reputation as a lyricist continues to grow and his songs are generally fun and include great stories and clever lyrics. A notable departure from that style is his song “Better Days Ahead” which is a poignant look at the COVID crisis through the eyes of a child. “It’s a song I just needed to write. The impact on so many people, especially children, needed a voice…. writing it did affect me”. His catalog continues to grow, and he hopes his songs bring some joy. He also would welcome the opportunity to connect with recording artists who want to further bring his songs to life.